Lowest risk
Microsoft OneDrive
Cloud file storage and synchronization service.

Parent organisation: Microsoft
Type of organisation: Publicly-listed company (or group)
Market share: One of the leading products (#3-7)

Pricing: Free-$9.99/month or $99/annum
Factors driving pricing: Additional features, More users (publishing-side)
Skills needed to set-up: Plug & play (any non-technical user can do it)
Skills needed to use: Plug & play (any non-technical user can do it)
Open Source alternatives available
Releases new features regularly
Transparent pricing model
Clear data policies
Allows data export
Allows data deletion
Has accessibility statement
Shares diversity data
Monopoly platform - does not aid a diverse media ecosystem

Full Product Data Collection

Data collected January-February 2020

Product nameMicrosoft OneDrive
Product URLhttps://onedrive.live.com/
Parent organisationMicrosoft
Workflow categoryStorage & archiving
Date product founded2007
Product descriptionCloud file storage and synchronization service.
What type of company or organisation is the product owned by?Publicly-listed company (or group)
Is the company profit-making?Yes, profitable
How is this product funded?Subscriptions
What market share does the tool have?One of the leading products (#3-7)
Is there an Open Source alternative in this product space?Yes. Nextcloud, ownCloud, Syncthing
When did the company last release new features?November 2019: Save for later, request files feature, language localization for OneDrive emails
Have they shared details of the product roadmap?No
Is there talk of the product raising further investment?No
Is there talk of the product being acquired?No
Have there been any newsworthy business issues or challenges in the last 12 months?No
Is there a pricing model listed on the website?Yes
How clear & transparent is this pricing model?Very: full pricing listed
What is the range of prices offered?OneDrive Basic 5 GB: Free
OneDrive 100 GB: $1.99/month
Office 365 Personal: $6.99/month or $69/annum
Office 365 Home: $9.99/month or $99/annum
What factors drive higher pricing?Additional features, More users (publishing-side)
What skills are needed to get this tool set up & usable?Plug & play (any non-technical user can do it)
What skills are needed to USE this tool day-to-day?Plug & play (any non-technical user can do it)
Does this tool use proprietary file formats for saving documents & outputs?Defaults to common open standard file formats
Is the product reliant on 3rd-party APIs or interoperability to function?No
Have there been any newsworthy technical issues in the last 3 years?Yes. Microsoft fixes major performance issue for OneDrive on Linux following backlash
How clear is the Terms of Service for users (i.e. publishing customers)?Technical, legalistic TOS
Does the product have a data collection & usage policy on its website? (Can be a GDPR statement)?Yes, comprehensive.
Is their data policy “GDPR everywhere”?Yes, GDPR compliant globally
Does the product require your audience to sign-in to use it?N/A not an audience-facing tool
IF SIGN IN REQUIRED: Does audience sign-in use 3rd party platforms?N/A not an audience-facing tool
Does the public product website mention how to export or transfer your data to another service?Yes: Export publisher metadata, Yes: Export/transfer publisher content
Does the public product website mention how to delete your data?Yes: for both publisher and audience data
Have there been any newsworthy security breaches with this product in the last 3 years?No
Does the company have an accessibility statement on its website?Yes
Does the company release information on the diversity of the workforce?Yes