Meet the team

Meet the team

Matt Locke is the Project Lead for the Public Media Stack. He started Storythings in March 2011, and is one of the three Directors. Before starting Storythings he worked in Digital Media for over two decades. He was Head of Innovation at BBC New Media from 2001, then moved to Channel 4 in 2007 where he was Commissioning Editor, Education, and later Head of Multiplatform.

Emily Bromfield is the Production Lead for the Public Media Stack. She has worked across the culture and charity sectors for over 15 years, mainly in literature and the visual arts and, for a while, as a journalist. She was Director of Communications at PEN International, the writers’ association, for five years, where she was part of the team that set up the Free the Word! international literary festival; as well as holding communications and events roles at Artangel, Ministry of Stories and Artichoke.

Jay Owens developed the research and data model for the Public Media Stack report and led on data analysis. She is a researcher and writer with ten years’ experience in analysing digital media attitudes, behaviour and culture. She helps clients ranging from charities and universities to startups and some of the biggest of ‘Big Tech’ companies understand their audiences, and create products and communications that do things people need and want. Her writing has appeared in many publications, including The Guardian, Quartz, How We Get To Next and Design Observer.

Kilian Schalk developed the workflow model and advised on the research and case studies questions for the Public Media Stack report. He is the founder of PurpleGray, a consultancy helping global media organisations with technology and workflow strategy. Before this, he was Technical Director of Digital Projects for The New Yorker, where he was integral to the launch of the magazine’s website, digital archive, and kindle, nook, and iPad editions, and Managing Editor for Editorial Development at Condé Nast.

Martin SFP Bryant researched the data for half of the software products in the Public Media Stack report. He is the founder of technology and media consultancy Big Revolution, which works with startups, publishers, and broadcasters on communications and strategy-related projects. Big Revolution also produces podcasts and newsletters. Martin was previously Editor-in-Chief of international technology publication The Next Web.

Imran Ali researched the data for the other half of the software products in the Public Media Stack report. He is a cofounder of CARBON:imagineering. a boutique digital R&D practice. exploring and scouting the impact of emerging technologies. Imran co-founded Leeds’ first coworking community at Old Broadcasting House and had worked extensively with the city on shaping its digital strategy, including the ENGINE project at Leeds Dock. Previously lmran established Freeserve’s Technology Research team and has served as a board director for ensembli, as well as a trustee of bmedi@ and Impressions Gallery; conference director of the FutureEverything festival and currently serves as a trustee for IOU Theatre and for The Media Centre, as well as cofounding social innovation lab, 30 Chapel Street.

Eden Brackenbury designed the identity and website for the Public Media Stack report. She joined Storythings in 2017 for her university placement from the Digital Media Development program at the University of Brighton. Since finishing her degree, she rejoined the team to continue creating illustrations, animations, interactive essays and websites for Storythings and our clients. 

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