How Can I Help?

How can I help?

Are you involved in making tech decisions at a Public Media Project?
A key part of the report will be case studies from public media projects around the globe. We want to share stories about the challenges you face in using technology to power your public media project, whether it has to do with education, kids, news, documentaries, editorial, podcasts or video. Get in touch if you have time for a short interview about your own project.

Are you a foundation or funder investing in public media projects?
We’re very fortunate to have Luminate Group as the Public Media Stack’s founding supporter. We now need additional funding to run the project for the next few years. If you already have a portfolio of media investments, we think we can add significant value to the projects you’re supporting, and help them adopt more ethical and sustainable tech strategies. If you’d like to discuss supporting the Public Media Stack project, we’d love to talk.

Would you like to feature the Public Media Stack in your publication or event?
We’re looking for press and event opportunities to spread the word about the Public Media Stack project, and get feedback from the public media and tech community. If you’d like to interview or feature us in your publication, or invite us to speak at your event, we’d love to do it!


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